MINISTER TERRY WILL GLADLY PRAY OVER YOUR PRAYER REQUEST. Simply fill out the contact page and include your prayer request.

Since 2013 I have posted ads online offering to pray for people. Now I place Yard signs around town with this website info. I believe God has put a specific calling on my life to serve him by praying over each individual that desires prayer. The ministry started by offering prayer and taking the time to read each email then praying over each individual request afterwards sending a follow up email. Now I have expanded to offering a Tuesday or Thursday Night Prayer Conference Line that meets at 7:15pm-8pm, a Sunday church service from noon-1pm both Eastern standard Time zone.

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Tuesday Night Prayer Line
7:15pm-8pm 774-220-4000 code 9232017#

It all started 9/23/2017 when a small group of Christians got together on a phone conference line and Minister Terry took prayer requests. We invite you to join us. Please fill out the contact form and let us know your dialing in so we can expect you. 

Our Mission is to Pray
We post online, on yard signs, and pass along business cards offering to pray

My ministry started December of 2013. While in prayer and crying out to the Lord about my failures and desire to start a Church I heard the Word “Prayer”. I yelled to the ceiling “God I am praying”I heard the Word again then I realized that It was God speaking to me that he wanted me to start a prayer ministry. 

Bailey's Prayer
praise report from the Prayer Line

I thought it was unusual to receive a prayer request for an animal. I said to myself okay why not it couldn't hurt. So, I prayed for a quick recovery for Bailey after she had a surgery. The next week her owners exclaimed that the Vet said that her recovery was remarkable and the fastest they have seen. We still get prayer requests for Bailey because she still gets sick from time to time but we believe that prayer heals and helps animals and humans  recover. 


We're looking forward to hearing from you.