About Me


All Glory Goes to God! I am just a willing servant whom God placed it on my heart and mind to offer and pray for others. Some say I have a spiritual gift as an intercessor also known as a prayer warrior.


 I remember when I was about 8yrs old and my Mom was involved in a car accident. She was in a coma for 7 days and I prayed for her nightly. One night I overheard my Dad and Grandparents talking and the doctor told them she had a 50/50 chance of waking up from the coma and that all her organs were in terrible shape. That night I cried and pleaded with God in prayer making promises that I would be a good boy and listen to my mother if he would wake her up and heal her. It was on the 8th day she awoke from her coma. She recovered in the hospital for over a month from the accident. Years later My Mom revealed to the family that she had heard a voice call her by her name and said for to rise up and take care of her children.  When she awoke she asked the nurses if the doctor or my Dad was in the room. They said no one was in the room. We believe that it was my intercessor prayer as a child and it was God who spoke to her to awake. 


In 2013 God placed it on my heart to advertise and offer to pray for others.  I was going through some challenging times in my personal life and financially from a failed business.  Right before the start of the ministry I had to downsize to a smaller one bedroom apartment and had my car repode the weekend after Thanksgiving. There i was a few days before Christmas praying about my failures and brokenness. I had Big aspirations of starting a church. I felt I failed God due to my financial downfall. God had another plan for me all along. He needed me to to know what if feels like to be in a lowly pit of despair. He needed me to know what it feels like to lack money. WHY? Because it was the poor and the hopeless that I was going to be praying for. It was those people who had family problems that needed someone to listen to. God was molding and shaping me for his Will for my life to be a servant.  God wanted to show me that I didn't need money to serve him and buy a building to start another church. He wanted me to trust him without money and be a willing servant first.  So, I advertised on Craigslist all over the USA offering to pray.  I soon received about 30-40 prayer requests a month that first year in ministry. The ministry not only helped others, but it really helped me as I grew in my calling. 


In 2017 I started a Prayer Fellowship that currently meets over a phone conference line on Tuesday or Thursday nights. Our small group has prayed over hundreds of people. and a few animals.  We have received praise reports from numerous requests. It is always a blessing to hear them because it builds up our faith and knowing our time in prayer is not in vain.  The prayer line also serves as a way to fellowship as we connect and encourage each other. 


In 2020 we expanded our service to include a Sunday Church service that meets at noon. Since many church doors were closed it was suggested by someone that we meet over the phone line for a church service. So, I went in faith and said "ok we can try"…well we are still doing that church service every Sunday. 


I would love for you to join us. please fill out the contact form so I can personally call you.