Beach Prayer Walk

Minister Terry Prays over Delmarva Beaches

In 2016 I walked on the sands of Bethany Beach, DE and Ocean City MD. I was going thru a spiritual battle and questions about Church and Ministry and whom I should serve with.  I walked, prayed, and opened my Bible.  God soon led me to a resource on Ministry that really opened my eyes.


Since then, I have visited the beaches numerous of times to pray over the surroundings, the families that would come there to visit, and the people who live there. 


I encourage you to visit a beach, a lake, or mountain and go on a nature walk and pray. Connect with God as you take in the beauty of His creation. 

Pray for Marriages

Joy, Peace, and Love for Marriages

Let's intercede and pray for couples to be strong in their bond of Holy Matrimony, love each other faithfully as the bible says to do.  Let's pray against those things that cause relationships to break. Let's pray that couples that are thinking about marriage are equally yoked and will make God first in their lives.

Celebrate America

Please take time to pray for the USA

As we honor Memorial Day and celebrate our Independence Day we pray for our country and its citizens and the people who live here. God has blessed the USA and we have been a source of strength and charity for so many people across this Earth. May thru July we will be praying for peace in our nation. We will be praying for families to have a time for joy and relaxation as they take much needed vacations.